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Our Cloth Diapers

Terra Baby cloth diapers are a pocket-style diaper consisting of two pieces.  The waterproof polyester shell is stuffed with an absorbent, multi-layer polyester insert. An extra insert can be added during the night to increase absorbency.

Snaps on the outside of the shell easily adjust the make the diaper smaller or larger, depending on the size of your baby.  Terra Baby diapers will typically fit newborns through potty-trainers.

Terra Baby diapers feature an extra strip of waterproof lining inside the diaper to help reduce leaks. This is crucial for those parents who use cloth diapers while their little ones are sleeping. The best way to prevent leaks in the day time is to change the diaper once baby tells you it’s time to do so!

When you’re on the go, Terra Baby diapers close securely thanks to an extra exterior snap.  Just roll, snap, and store in a Terra Baby Wet Bag and you’ll be ready to take care of cleaning your cloth diaper at a convenient time.

Now, isn’t that easy?

Not your Grandma's Cloth Diaper

Forget diaper pins and clunky diaper covers. Those are so four decades ago! Today's cloth diapers are trimmer, slimmer and cuter than you'd ever imagine. And, the simple design makes them as easy to use as the disposables we are all grew up wearing. Grandparents, babysitters and day care providers won't have a problem keeping your little one dry and snug. Thanks to Terra Baby, diapering your child has never been more affordable. Easy snaps adjust as your baby grows, so the diapers your newborn wears will be the same diapers she's wearing when she's ready to start potty training. Buy Terra Baby diapers once and never spend another dime on diapers. Show your family's fun and colorful side with Terra Baby.