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How To Cloth

Take a deep breath. Relax.

Cloth diapering is much easier than most people assume. In reality, the only real extra work is 2-3 loads of laundry per week. 

Here’s a typical cloth diaper routine:

1. If it is a pee diaper, take it off the baby, remove the insert, and put both pieces into a pail that is lined with a pail liner.

2. If it is a poop diaper, take if off the baby and dump the poop into the toilet (something you should do even with disposable diapers). If necessary, use a spray nozzle that attaches to the toilet to help remove all the poop. Drop the shell and the insert into the pail.

3. Every three days wash all the diapers in hot water. Use just one tablespoon of a cloth diaper friendly laundry powder like Charlie's Soap. Conventional laundry detergent can leave build-up on the diapers, and build-up will negatively affect the absorbency of the diapers. It might seem like you need more soap or you need to wash them more than once, but the diapers WILL be clean and they won’t smell!

4. To maximize diaper longevity, hang dry the shells and put the inserts into the dryer. Once everything is dried, sit on the floor and pleasantly chat with your little one while stuffing the inserts into the shells.  Or, stuff the inserts during a commercial break of your favorite show.

Smell really isn’t a problem for two reasons: 1) all the solid poop is dropped into the toilet, taking the stink with it and 2) the diapers are washed every three days. If the diapers aren’t as fresh as you’d like, add a splash of bleach to the wash cycle once a month.

Not your Grandma's Cloth Diaper

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