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How Cloth Works

Welcome.  You might be reading this now because you’re dying to know, “Can I really cloth diaper my baby?”  The answer is a definite yes!

It comes down to this: If you can use disposables and wash clothes, then you can cloth diaper!

Cloth Diapering is much easier than most people think.  That said there’s a little bit of knowledge that you’ll need to get started.  It can also help to learn from a professional.  To that end, we’ve made it our mission to help get the word out about cloth. To get help you can use a few resources:

1.  Read through the How Cloth Works section of our website
2.  View our Videos to get quick tips on cloth diapering
3.  Attend an in person class with Maureen via Cloth Diaper University (Chicago only)
4.  Watch the recording of Maureen’s in person class (coming soon!)

Getting started is easy.  Either read our getting started summary or visit cloth diaper university to sign up for our next class (TBA - December)

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Not your Grandma's Cloth Diaper

Forget diaper pins and clunky diaper covers. Those are so four decades ago! Today's cloth diapers are trimmer, slimmer and cuter than you'd ever imagine. And, the simple design makes them as easy to use as the disposables we are all grew up wearing. Grandparents, babysitters and day care providers won't have a problem keeping your little one dry and snug. Thanks to Terra Baby, diapering your child has never been more affordable. Easy snaps adjust as your baby grows, so the diapers your newborn wears will be the same diapers she's wearing when she's ready to start potty training. Buy Terra Baby diapers once and never spend another dime on diapers. Show your family's fun and colorful side with Terra Baby.