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Ewwwwe! Using cloth diapers means I have to touch poop, right??

Being a parent is messy, and no matter if you use cloth or disposable you’ll be dealing with poop several times a day.  Cloth diapers require the extra step of dumping the poop into the toilet (something that should be done with disposables because landfills are not designed to handle human waste), but when you do that you also take the stink out of the house.  Also, things like poop and puke become a lot less icky once you become a parent.

As an added bonus, diaper “blow-outs” are very, very rare with cloth diapers.  You’re more likely to face a midnight poo-plosion using disposable!

Plus, kids in cloth are potty trained, on average, a full year before kids in disposables.  That’s a lot less poop for parents to deal with!

Cloth diapers are so old-fashioned – I’m afraid I’ll stick myself or my baby with the diaper pin.

Cloth diapers have come a long way since the days when our grandmothers were using them.  Pocket diapers like Terra Baby are designed to function in the same way as disposable.  Many people call Terra Baby diapers “husband-friendly” because they don’t require any pins or special covers. Just snap and go!

I’m a busy parent and I just don’t have time for cloth diapering.  How much extra time does it take?

Cloth diapering requires significantly less time than most people think.  Its no more than two extra loads of laundry per week – a small price to pay considering the thousands of dollars saved by choosing cloth.

From an environmental standpoint, is there really a difference between cloth and disposable?


The manufacture and use of disposables uses 2.3 times more water than cloth. Disposable diapers are the third largest consumer item in landfills, representing about 4% of solid waste sitting in our earth. No one really knows how long it takes for a disposable diaper to decompose, but estimates range from 250-500 years all they way up to forever (meaning they may NEVER decompose). According to the EPA, cloth diapers total more than  2.7 million tons of garbage sitting in landfills.

Quite simply, if the diapers aren’t cloth, they’re garbage.

How much money will I save by choosing cloth diapers?

Many parents spend a few hundred dollars upfront purchasing cloth diapers and support items (diaper sprayer, diaper pail, etc). On average, parents will spend $3000 for disposable diapers during the 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 years a baby wears diapers.  If you choose to cloth diaper just one child, you will save thousands of dollars and dozens of late-night runs to the store to purchase disposable diapers.

BONUS: Cloth diapers can be reused for future kids, so the cost per use continues to decrease.

Do cloth diapers have icky stains on them?

No. Cloth diapers like Terra Baby do not have staining issues. 

How do I wash cloth diapers?

Cloth diapers should be washed on your washing machine’s hottest and heaviest cycle.  Both the insert and shell can be dried in the dryer, but to extend the life of the diaper its best to hang-dry the shell.

Be sure to use a cloth-friendly soap like Charlie's Laundry Soap.  Commercial detergents will leave residue and build-up behind, drastically affecting the absorbency and smell of the diapers.  Plus, Charlie's Laundry Soap is better for the planet!

Is it true that babies who wear cloth diapers are potty trained sooner than babies who wear disposable diapers?

Yes! Many toddlers in cloth can be easily trained around the age of two – a full year before their friends in disposables.  Disposables are so good at absorbing liquid that kids don’t even realize they’ve peed!    

Some parents make the switch to cloth when their babies reach toddler age simply to speed up the potty training process.

My kid is already a year old and I’ve been using disposable since he was born – is it too late to switch to cloth diapers?

No!  See above!

My child goes to day care – can I really use cloth?

Many day care facilities will accommodate your cloth diaper request – just ask!  Often they will store the dirty diapers in a wet bag for you to bring home at the end of the day.

If your day care will not work with cloth diapers, remember that choosing cloth for evenings and weekends is still a great way to save money and protect our planet. 

Can I use cloth diapers when we are away from the house?

Absolutely.  Cloth diapers are very portable and just as easy as disposables when on the go. The only extra thing you need to bring along is a Terra Baby Wet Bag. Dirty diapers are stored in here until you’re home and can move them to the diaper pail.  The Terra Baby Wet Bag contains odor and wetness so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

My babysitter/mother-in-law/spouse doesn’t want to deal with cloth diapers when I’m not home. What should I do?

Keep a stash of stuffed Terra Baby diapers on the changing table – because they work just like disposable diapers there shouldn’t be any problem getting the diapers on. And, when its time for a change just ask the caretaker to leave the dirty diapers in a wet bag so you can remove the liner and drop the diaper in the pail when you return home.

How many cloth diapers do I need?

Cloth diaper needs vary from family-to-family, and as a child grows up he’ll go through fewer diapers every day.  To start, it’s a safe bet to have a stash of 25 cloth diapers on hand.  While you might go through that number in just two days with a newborn, older babies and toddlers might take three or four days to dirty that many diapers.

If my baby is wearing a cloth diaper, do I have to change her more often?

Probably.  Newborn babies in cloth diapers might need an extra 2-3 changes per day, while older ones need 1-2 extra changes per day. 

But, do you really want your baby sitting in her waste for hours upon hours?  Just because disposables are super absorbent doesn’t mean you should avoid diaper changes every couple hours.  


Not your Grandma's Cloth Diaper

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